Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Comes to Hotlanta

Somehow another two weeks has passed.  Highlights/lowlights of the past 14 days include:  Another chemo treatment; My beloved Colts losing to the Jets in the playoffs; Mom-in-law visiting from Minnesota; Four inches of snow that shut down Atlanta for nearly a week; An unexpected visit from a dear friend;  Attaching false eyelashes where my own used to be; Relearning to knit at a knitting workshop; My nemeses, the New England Patriots, being eliminated from the NFL playoffs (after my team is eliminated, I have to root for something, you know?).

Chemo continues to go as well as can be expected.  After tomorrow morning's treatment I will only have one infusion left.  This is mind-boggling to me, as it feels like chemo has just become a way of life.  After February 1 I will be completely done with this part of my treatment and looking (forward?) to surgery.  That part still scares the bejesus out of me, so I'm trying not to think about it just yet.

Aaron's mom, Becky, was here for 5 days.  We picked her up from the airport Sunday afternoon, went to the grocery store where we proceeded to buy half the store, and went home before the snow started.  We woke up to this sight on Monday morning:
Back Deck

Back Deck/Woods

Back Deck/Woods

Front Porch/Street

This may be only four inches of snow, but to the folks in Atlanta, it's a week off from school.  You read that correctly.  A WEEK!  Granted, there was a layer of ice over the snow, but there was some good melting/road treatment going on prior to Friday.  I hope the kids in Minnesota don't hear about this.  Because mom-in-law was here and because we were well-stocked, we had a great time being stuck indoors, cooking, baking and hanging out by the fire.

On Friday I dropped Aaron and his mom off at the airport (Aaron went to Minneapolis for the weekend) and met my dear friend, Ashley, along with much of her family at the Varsity drive-in.  She was in town due to unfortunate circumstances, as both of her mother's parents passed away within a week of each other, but we were able to share some hugs and catch up a bit over a quick lunch. 

Ashley and her adorable daughter, Josephine
Josephine sporting the official headgear of the Varsity

Apparently she is not a fan of hats
Finally, the inevitable has happened.  My eyelashes have left me.  This is the day I've been dreading ever since I started to lose the hair on my head.  I've never had particularly full or thick lashes, and they've always been very blonde, but clumping on tons of mascara has always made me feel quite feminine.  Just like Julia Roberts in "Charlie Wilson's War" I would put on as much black gunk as my tiny lashes could hold and then do my best to separate the clumps into spidery threads.  What's a girl to do without her magic tube of mascara to make her eyes stand out?  Well, she goes to the nearest Target and buys fake lashes.  I'll get to Sephora one of these days to get some fancy lashes, but for now I'm getting lots of practice (and it takes a LOT of practice) with the cheap ones.  I'll post pictures once I really get the hang of it!  My eyebrows are also starting to thin out, but there are some stubborn hairs that are holding on for dear life.  It's good to know that even some of my hair follicles have a bit of fight left in them.


  1. I'm so happy that we were able to spend a lunch hour with you. You look fabulous as always-- eyelashes or not. Love you dearly!

  2. Those pics look like they were taken in Minnesota! Hard to believe Atlanta got that much snow, but I'm glad you two survived it just fine. Good luck with those lashes too. If anyone can find a way to make fake lashes look stylish, it's you. :)

  3. Joyce, I was glad for the update. I checked back a couple times since your last post to see if you had added another. I am in agreement about the Colts AND the Patriots! The girls and I enjoyed the snow pictures. They would love some snow, but that hasn't happened! I've never tried fake lashes, but I'm sure they'll look great on you!! :)

    Love ya,

  4. Hope you got to enjoy the snow in Atlanta! If it's like Oklahoma, it's around just long enough to enjoy briefly and then takes care of itself by melting in a few days--no shoveling required. :) Thanks for the update!