Monday, June 6, 2011

The End is Near


Sorry it's been so long!  We've been staying busy here in Hotlanta, and it is TRULY hot.  We're struggling to keep our yard beautiful through the stifling heat.  It seems so unfair that some places have been barraged with rain while other areas can't get a single drop to fall!  

Here's a recap of our latest activities:
On May 21, Aaron and I went on a zipline canopy tour in South Carolina.  This means we were zipping from tree to tree (under the watchful eyes of safety guides, of course).  The tour was by the Chattooga River (part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, I think).  This was our first road trip since we moved to Atlanta, and we were really excited to actually get out of the city and explore a bit.  We feel lucky to live in such a beautiful region!  You can view our photos by clicking on the link below:
For those of you who are worried about me overusing my arm, don't fret!  When you zipline, your body is completely supported by a harness, and I can honestly say that vacuuming my house is more physically intense than riding a zipline.  The only thing required of you is the ability to jump off a platform, and luckily heights have never been a cause of fear for me (I went sky diving when I was 19!).  

On the 29th, Will, one of my best friends from my hometown, visited for a few days.  I had an awesome time showing him my new city and catching up!

Hanging with Will

One last bit of fun news:  We have a summer roommate!  Our friend, Scott, is a student at NYU Law School and is in Atlanta for his summer internship.  He needed a place to stay, and we needed a house/cat sitter, as we'll be traveling quite a bit this summer (more on that in a later post), so it's really quite the perfect setup.  Also, it's fun to have a roommate for a while -- makes us feel young again :)

Other than that, my life has consisted of going to radiation every day.  I am so very ready to be done with radiation and to be able to say "I'm no longer in treatment!"  I have been very lucky to not experience too many negative side effects -- just the radiation burn and some general tiredness, but nothing I can't handle.  After today I only have 8 treatments left.  The end is near, in the best way possible!